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Project Description

This tool acts of a in line tool for assembling/merging pdf files, extract informations form PDF files, update PDF files metadata.

In assembling mode (default mode), this tool concatenates pages, in full file submode, or in pages list submode. In page list submode outlines are not concatenated. However this tool makes it possible to add outlines via a outlines definition file (-o option).

The pages to be concatenated are extracted from valid pdf files via one or more selection masks (-m option). It is also possible to extract certain pages from certain files via a script (-s option). If the options -m and -s are used simultaneously, the result file will comprise the result of the option -m followed of the result of the option -s.

By default, file are sorted in alphabetic order before assembling.

In extraction mode (-g) (note informations, not data extractions) informations are printed on the standard output in a CSV format. The options -s, -d are ineficient.

In update mode (-u) the files matching the mask(s), are uptaded according to the command line options. The option -d is ineficient.

The history of this project starts here :

In fact the strory really begins in year 2003, in this times freshmeat rules, now it seems to be freecode. Thanks to them.


under windows, for the binary distribution, you'll need Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 redistributable

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